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Facility Solutions

facility solutions

Frustrated with how labor intensive maintaining your facility is? We understand it takes a lot of time and energy; you'll need products, equipment, and a service team to take care of your general maintenance. We can help. Your time is money; we want to help you increase efficiency and decrease excess man hours needed. Have one of our facility specialists work with you to develop a customized program that works best for you and your facility.

Branded Products

Putting a logo on a product shouldn't be complicated. How many times have you ordered branded products and you found a miss stitch, the wrong color, not as expected, or had an error of some sort? We won't put you through that. When you choose to work

with Business Essentials you will work with the same team through out the entire process. We want you 100% satisfied.

Branded products

Businss Interiors

It's a big purchase. We understand. Not to mention, it's difficult to find office furniture. How do you know if you're getting a good deal? Is it good quality? How much should you spend? These are all questions our business interiors team can answer. Rest easy knowing you're in good hands with interior designers who know what they're doing. With over 120 manufacturers to choose from, we're confident we can help you find exactly what you're looking for, within your budget. A specialist will work with you every step of the process to ensure all of your questions and concerns are addressed.

business interiors

Office Products
School Notebook

office products

Ordering office products can quickly become overwhelming. And let's face it, you've got a lot of important things to do. Allow our experts to streamline your ordering process with solutions unique to all your needs. No matter how big or small, we've got proactive recommendations to bring you the value you deserve.

Print & Design
Warewash & Laundry
Graphic Design Workspace

You have a vision, but you're just not creative like that. Not a problem. We have a team of graphic designers and print specialists to bring your vision to life. You may also be thinking: I don't know the first thing about printing. Not to worry, we'll make sure you know exactly what you're getting before we print your project. Ask us about our capabilities and chat with us about your vision. Allow us to help you through creating a few drafts. Look them over and let us know where changes need to be made.

Design & Print


You need a readily available, reliable, and knowledgeable service team. We get it. Allow us to create a customized service plan to help you stay on track, decrease your rag-out, linen rejects, and spotty glassware while maintaining your inventory levels. We have service technicians who will go over a full line of dish and laundry chemicals with you as well as equipment and sales/leasing.

Don't just wash it. Get it clean.


& laundry

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