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Workspace Design is Everything

As we see more and more employees transition to working remotely, it is important we ask ourselves why. Probably the most common reason is the opportunity for flexibility. There are so many resources we don't take advantage of. 

One of these resources for a company is their employees. Yeah they do indeed work for the company. Yeah they make an impact. What if that impact could be tripled by adjusting one simple thing? Workspace. Workspace design is everything. It is impossible to force creativity, productivity, and innovative thinking. A workspace design that cultivates creativity, curiosity, etc. is a workspace most would choose to spend more time in. 

Sometimes, our most creative hours and ideas show up while we are in the shower, cooking dinner, or sitting on our couch by the fireplace. Why not make workplace environments more like the places the ideas come from. 

As we journey on through 2018 find ways to make your office more flexible, heuristic, fluid, and convenient to spark awesome ideas, incredible innovative concepts, and unwavering productivity.

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